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In some speaking exams you have to talk about photos or pictures. Here are our top tips for describing a photo or a picture in an exam. If you are asked to describe a photo or a picture in the exam, here is some language you can use. A picture description is an ideal way of practising your English vocabulary in all sorts of fields. And there's also a benefit for everyday life – imagine you want to show pictures of your family or home to your foreign friends. Describing paintings or other art pictures (e. g. caricatures) is something for the advanced learner of. Explore Mini 's board "Picture description" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Vocabulary, Knowledge and Worksheets.

SPEAKING:PICTURE DESCRIPTION. Oral exams at the EOI consist of two parts. In the first part, you will be asked to describe and compare two or three pictures. Here are some tips and links that can help you. ELEMENTARY. Handouts. 1. Describing People · 2. Describing a Picture · Tips for Picture Description: Slides. House and home. Picture description. Click on the words in the correct order. photo shows in park. a a woman This sitting score; background there In some the are children. score; the a man's clothes cold by day. Judging it's score; man unhappy. the picture in The looks score; there's right the a bus. photo, of the On score. Tips and Example how to describe pictures in English.

In one of the parts of the intermediate (B1) and advanced (B2) exam, you'll be asked to talk about some pictures. You will be shown two theme-related pictures ( eg types of houses) and you'll be asked to describe and compare them and to talk about them in relation to yourself for a short 's important to bear in mind that. jan. Hallgasd meg az alábbi képekhez tartozó képleírást! Az audiót le is töltheted. A három kép, és az azokhoz tartozó leírás ALAP-, KÖZÉP-, és FELSŐFOKON követik egymást. A nagyobb kép megtekintéséhez klikkelj a kis képekre! KÉPLEÍRÁS A NYELVVIZSGÁN - MINTÁK. ALAPFOK. This is a colour photo of.


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