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Spleef arena schematic download

Spleef arena schematic

12 May A large, 5-level Spleef arena (dubbed Spleef-5) designed to allow players extra chances to survive, and for a variety of spleef-oriented tactics. Otherwise there isn 't much special about it. Glass domes on top and bottom keep players from getting out (just end the spleef region above the bottom dome) while. 23 Oct Hello! So My friend and I have a youtube show where we review maps and builds and we have chosen your map! The episode will be out this sunday. If you get the most votes then you will be added to the hall of fame! Good luck! by superninjaducky on May 9th, PM EST. Reply. A spleef arena i build with the help of Thinks47 on his old server. This took about a day and a half to build and was both challenging and fun for me to do since there are alot of shapes i haven't worked with and alot of new things i didn't even know how to make that i had to use time on.

2 Jul This spleef arena is nothing special the arena battlefield is just a 25x25 block land. Under the 2: Get on minecraft and tothe world you want to place this schematic in, stand on the landnotfloating as this schematic will load in the north side of you of the spot you stand on completely level to the ground. This is a spleef arena schematic that I have created. It uses command blocks to reset the snow. Also you can turn the pool below into water, lava, or air using the command blocks. All you need to do is enter your cords into the command blocks and then it will be ready for use. Have fun with it!! Remember to give credit where .


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