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Amando de Ossorio complained in interviews that right from the start of his directing career, his producers were always tampering with his projects. His first horror film, Malenka, The Vampire's Niece (), was written to be a psychological thriller about a young woman who inherits a castle in Europe and is summarily. Tombs of the Blind Dead is a Spanish-Portuguese horror film written and directed by Amando de Ossorio. Its original Spanish title is La noche del terror ciego The film was the first in Ossorio's "Blind Dead" series, spawning three official sequels: Return of the Blind Dead (), The Ghost Galleon () and Night of. Amando de Ossorio (–) He was one of the main directors of the Spanish horror boom in the 70s, specially for his quartet of films about the living dead templars which started with Tombs of the Blind Dead (). The Loreley's Grasp.

By HORRORPEDIA on 9 January, • (1). Fangs of the Living Dead is a [released ] Spanish-Italian horror film written and directed by Amando de Ossorio (Demon Witch Child; The Loreley's Grasp; the Blind Dead series). It stars Anita Ekberg, Rossana Yanni and Julian Ugarte. The film is also Read More ›. 3 Nov The English language dub is atrocious even by s exploitation standards. Amando de Ossorio would truly come into his own with his much lauded second horror feature Tombs Of the Blind Dead (), which spawned two sequels of its own, and with the amiable The Loreleys Grasp () with Helga. The reason is simple: outside the (considerable) achievement of Noche del Terror Ciego / Tombs of the Blind Dead, Ossorio did very little else to endear him to genre audiences. His first horror film, Malenka, was a vampire comedy; released in the US as Fangs of the Living Dead, it didn't make much of an impact , and is.

It appeals to my warped sense of symmetry when a review featuring a horrible Spanish galleon is scheduled to run on Columbus Day. When you want to talk about Spanish horror movies, there are two series that are going to jump out of the spooky box at you: Paul Naschy's El Hombre Lobo flicks, and Amando de Ossorio's. Amando de Ossorio was born in La Coruna, Spain, but spent most of his life in Madrid, where he finally died a few years ago. Of all the Spanish film personalities I have met over the years, including Paul Naschy, Jose Ulloa, Victor Israel, Salvador Sainz, Diana Conca and many more, he is the one I always liked the most.


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