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Check the Volume usage meter in the panel for the service. This will also tell you whether the data is Peak/Off-Peak or Anytime. The text below the usage meter will also advise you when your usage resets, e.g. "Your usage resets in 5 days". If you're not seeing a panel for one of your services, make sure it is turned ON after . This article will show you how to check your internet usage in your Toolbox. You’ll find your volume usage for the current month on the main page. WiFi usage contributes to your overall peak/offpeak or anytime usage and includes uploads, and freezone usage. Dec 4, iiMUM is a free Windows utility that monitors broadband usage for customers of the Australian ISP iiNet. Broadband usage is updated hourly with data retrieved directly from iiNet's webserver. While iiMUM is running, an icon will appear in the notification area of the taskbar. The style of the icon will depend.

Aug 31, Background The iiNet Usage Analyser (iiUsage) was originally designed and coded by Tim Hall. In late , Martin took Tim's source code, did a major clean- up of the code (including a rewrite of large parts of the code), and added some more functionality and enhancements. Martin also enhanced it to. iiNetMeter (k) is a very simple internet usage meter for customers of Australia's iiNet ISP. It shows how much of your monthly peak and off-peak quota is remaining (or the single "Anytime" quota, if that is your plan), in a simple to read manner. It minimises to the notification area (aka system tray), and can be configured. Some time ago I wrote a popular usage meter for Internode called MUM (see http ://~johnson/internode). Anyhow, given the recent assimilation of iiNet by Internode (j/k), I decided it was time to create a version of MUM for iiNet. Here's my first draft

Note: The same XML feed system applies for Westnet customers who have been migrated to the MyAccount2 platform. If using with Westnet customers, replace the FQDN in any address with Westnet / Netspace customers who have been migrated to the iiNet billing system can use the. Internode provides usage information online via My Internode. This provides the most up to date and detailed data on the status of your Internode account. If you would like a usage meter on your computer, phone, or other device, there are several apps available. These have been written by members of our customer base. With the latest and greatest iiNet app you can stay up to date with all things iiNet, such as; · Check your monthly usage for a range of services (broadband, mobile, mobile broadband and more!)· Call our award-winning support teams with the simple touch of a button· Check current support wait times· Scroll through your past.


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