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Its black its white song

The kid's mother (Tess Harper), comments that his father will be very upset when he gets back. The album version of the song does not feature Culkin's nor Wendt's voice; they are replaced by voice actors performing a similar intro. The boy's father crashes in Africa, and Jackson sings "Black or White", surrounded by various. Black or White Lyrics: (Loud music playing) / (KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK) / Dad: Hey! / Kid: What?! / Dad: Turn that off! / Kid: Dad, this is the best part! / Dad: Turn it off! / Kid: No! / Dad: It's. Lyrics to "Black Or White" song by Michael Jackson: I took my baby on a Saturday bang "Boy, is that girl with you?" Yes, we're one and the same Now I b.

It's funny how he, throughout the whole song, reamins singing "It don't matter if you're black or white" when he actually changed his color from black to white. Why would he ever want to change his color? My mom once told me he was getting leukoderma and that's why the color der - Ciudad Ojeda. The music. Short · In this video, Michael Jackson sings that if you're thinking of being his brother, it doesn't matter if you're black or white. In the song Black Or White, Jackson incorporates a rap. Within this rap he mentions how gangs, clubs and nations are protected for their beliefs even though it's "causing grief in human relations." Racism is a war of races, land or " turf" as Jackson describes it and he would "rather hear both sides" of people's opinions.

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