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Open to buy software

Open-to-buy planning software is essential to ensuring you have the right amount of stock available to satisfy demand while ensuring you meet your financial objectives. Having too much inventory (or the wrong products) can impact your cash flow and the markdowns needed to reduce the inventory will lower your margins. Better buying, faster turnover, fewer markdowns, and higher profits with guaranteed software. No contract, no risk. 10/7 support, easy mobile accesss. Inventory is your biggest asset – but merchandise in the stock room is tied up cash. So how can you avoid overbuying and meet demand without tying up cash in excess inventory? Retail Pro Planning is a sales forecasting, inventory planning, and open to buy software and expert consulting service that helps you evaluate.

60 / month. Why pay more? Open To Buy Wizard is easy fill-in-the-blanks open to buy software for independent retailers or golf shops. Open to Buy. An Open to Buy merchandising plan, with a properly organized classification structure, is the only way to effectively manage inventory. Without proper inventory balances, cash flow is tied up in under-producing areas, funds are unavailable to take advantage of growing opportunities, markdowns are excessive. 21 Feb In the world of retail, Open-To-Buy is quite a buzzword. Do a Google search on " Open-To-Buy" and over , references come up, many that are for consultants and software vendors offering Open-To-Buy programs. Many small retail software packages offer an Open-To-Buy module as an add-on option.

Fully-integrated to the centralized database, ChainDrive Open-to-Buy offers the flexibility, dynamic controls and user-definable views you expect from a high-end retail management software to seamlessly handle planning in units, dollars and/ or at cost, down to sub-class. With built-in graphing capabilities, top-down or. 31 Oct has a page on Open-to-Buy wherein they teach you how to calculate OTB for a typical retail business. It's a bit oversimplified, but the concept is good to understand. It's a good primer for growing small retail businesses that are just getting into OTB planning and need some help. The OTB formula. 9 Mar Open to buy planning is valuable but it should not be implemented in isolation. In this blog we explain why retailers need more than an open to buy plan.


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